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Data Scientist in the Life Sciences

Researchers with experience in life sciences with prior experience in Big Data efforts are needed to develop and support our health innovation projects. Familiarity with datasets in biology, genetics, medicine or public health is required. Applicants must be original thinkers comfortable exploring new concepts with thorough analytics and understand the scientific process and rigor required for discovery. Data scientists will join the team at our offices in Greater Seattle WA – relocation support may be discussed on an individual basis. With your resume please submit a cover letter that captures how your research or training relates to health innovation and your desire to partake in building knowledge universes for medical/health research.
We are looking for both full-time and part-time opportunities.

Market Research Lead

The ConceptualEyes platform is ready to expand its technology to new data sets and applications that can be invoked for domain-specific discovery and analysis of data. This future involves identifying novel public and private data sets that can be wrapped with innovative artificial intelligence tools and interfaces. We are looking for a market research expert who specializes in the discovery of the best target markets for the platform and can also create go-to-market plans for each of these markets / customer segments. Responsibilities will include (i) working with development and sales leads to identify new markets and address their unique needs, (ii) determining the size and growth of each market segment that can be addressed by ConceptualEyes and (iii) identifying partners for joint solutions. 

Enterprise Software Sales

The ConceptualEyes search platform is designed to do what computers do best to help subject-matter-experts and researchers do their best. The tool helps researchers by: (a) reducing time for literature survey from months to days (b) shortening time for hypothesis generation, design/discovery that would otherwise take years (c) revealing associations and patterns that fuel the gestalt/intuition to ask the right questions.
ConceptualEyes is looking to expand rapidly into the pharmaceutical world and needs an individual contributor who has demonstrated experience in generating large revenues with Global Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology companies.

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