Search. Research. Hypothesize. Discover. Innovate.
Explore the what-is, what-if, what-else and what-could-be.
Integrate knowledge and data for new discoveries.
Augment your expertise and create “aha” moments.


Start with a search term, browse known facts and contexts of interest from knowledge sources


Organize facts and validate intuition from peer-reviewed evidence into meaningful correlations



Summarize, interact and augment your expertise with research across disparate disciplines


Storyboard multiple terms and leverage artificial intelligence to reveal predictive recommendations

ConceptualEyes is a knowledge discovery engine.


With ConceptualEyes, search is interactive, adaptive, contextual and hyper-personalized.

ConceptualEyes is designed to search for the what is, research the what-if, conceptualize the what-else and hypothesize the what-could-be. Unlike traditional search engines, where context is co-occurrence or a pre-defined set-of-rules, the context in our search engine is conceptual. As the user interacts, ConceptualEyes leverages artificial intelligence to learn context and adapts to fetch personalized results.


Artificial intelligence is implemented with graph analytics, deep learning and cognitive algorithms.

ConceptualEyes runs on a massive-scale graph-store that can serve petabytes of data at interactive speed. The deep learning algorithms implemented on the graph-store understand natural language, connect the proverbial dots and reveal conceptual patterns. The cognitive algorithms bridge the mathematical rigor of graph theory with the interpretability of natural language. 


Cognitive models learn domain-agnostic relevance and saliency.

ConceptualEyes implements cognitive principles of information foraging such as scent and episodic-memory, to learn relevance and saliency during data ingest and integration. These cognitive heuristics automatically separate signal from noise, particularly when there is more noise than signal  - a common situation when integrating diverse data sources across different domains.


Seamless tools for on-demand data integration accelerate discovery across data-silos.

ConceptualEyes ingests and integrates public and private datasets, stages integrated data, offers easy-to-use visual and application programming interfaces (APIs) for interactive discovery. Our engine is robustly designed to accommodate privacy and security expectations around proprietary content and is thoughtfully architected for speed and performance.


Users get to the “Aha” moment faster and often.

ConceptualEyes is an expertise-augmentation platform that provides the ability to learn facts and formulate novel hypotheses. Medical researchers who typically have to sift through millions of publications have effectively used the ConceptualEyes platform to get to "Aha moments" in minutes. 

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